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ABC Nanny of the Year 2006, Molly and charge.

ABC Nanny of the Year Profiles


ABC Nanny Of The Year 2011, Joy DeBoer

We were delighted to crown Joy DeBoer 2011 ABC Nanny of the Year at our Nanny Appreciation Party in February! We could gush about Joy, her background in Education, her 7 years of nanny experience, her devotion to the children in her care as well as her natural abilities with little ones for hours and hours, but instead we will let Joy’s employers of nearly 2 years tell us in their words why she was so deserving of this award. Allison and Scott Farish stated that “Joy exhibits every value you want to see in a someone who has total care of children day in and day out, and she has truly been a blessing to our family.” They rave about how loyal, trustworthy, honest, fair, energetic, creative without limits, and loving Joy is with their three girls, a set of infant twins and a busy toddler when she started in 2010. They went on to point out that Joy’s “not just a worker who’s timecard is punched in and out” but rather she’s a trusted and much loved family member who strives to “ensure their girls get the best love and care” possible! Complimenting her not only professionally, but also personally, both the Farish parents and Oma Pam, the girls’ grandma, told us that Joy is “of the highest moral character”…a person who is conscientious, thoughtful, accommodating, and “patient and kind toward all other people.” I think it goes without saying that they “cannot imagine anyone who would take better care” of their girls than Nanny Joy! Congrats again—you are a superior nanny Joy and we are so proud to be able to call you an ABC Nanny!


ABC Nanny Of The Year 2011 Runner-up, LanLan Liu.

A mother, a former teacher, and now a professional nanny with 4.5+ years of experience, we are excited to recognize Lan as our 2012 ABC Nanny of the Year Runner-Up—the race was just so close this year! Lan’s grateful employers, Margaret and John Matthews, believe there are a million reasons she deserved special recognition; since her first day on the job Lan has made herself available to her employers, coming when they call for family emergencies or just to cover appointments that couldn’t be rescheduled, she cooks delicious dinners for the family without request and with their dietary restrictions in mind, she brings fresh flowers to the home, she reads up on her employers’ parenting philosophies so she can be on the same page and she has eased the fears of anxious and “controlling, perfectionist” new parents…just to name a few things. But to Margaret and John, nothing is more amazing than her commitment to their son’s care and development. Like a true professional “Lan is consistently one step ahead of Henry’s development, anticipating his readiness for growth. “ She takes her role in her charge’s life very seriously and draws on her talents, which are many, including the fact that she’s fluent in Mandarin, Russian and English and has a knack for teaching children multiple languages, to positively contribute to his growth, sense of security, and overall development. And as they said “The list goes on and on. Lan has quickly become family to us…she’s amazing!” Way to go Lan! You are an awesome representation of our agency and the wonderful nannies in the Denver/Boulder community!

2012 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR NOMINEES: Amanda Stevens, Carley Moser, Donna Grace, Ivonne Fernandez, Jessica Spore, Morgan Wilkinson, Rachel Miller, April Espinosa and Martine Gyselinckx.

2009 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR: Allie Sutton:

ABC Nanny Of The Year 2009, Allie Sutton.

A career nanny with over 18 years nanny experience under her belt and glowing references from her former employers, it is no surprise that Allie Sutton was awarded the 2009 ABC Nanny of the Year! We’ve known and been working with Allie since 1999 and were delighted to present this award to such a deserving person. Current employer, Didi Mancini, raved about Allie on a personal and a professional level, describing her as a creative, outgoing, thoughtful person who always goes above and beyond not only for her charges and her employers too! Didi told us that in many ways Allie is the glue keeping their busy, working family together. In nominating Allie, the Didi gushed about her natural abilities exclaiming: “I could rattle lists of tasks Allie has helped us with, or the uncountable classes and projects Allie does with Bella to make sure she is crawling and babbling right on schedule, but it truly isn’t the things you mark off the list that make Allie amazing – it is the quiet, insightful dedication she has given to my family as a whole that makes us count our blessings everyday for her friendship, guidance, and love.” Congratulations Ms. Allie! You are truly one of the best!

2009 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR NOMINEES: Chrissy Gallup, Kristie Newton, Jennifer Alexander, Gilde Bustamante and Melissa Eli.

2008 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR: Thayer Overturf:

ABC Nanny Of The Year 2008, Thayer Overturf.
Experienced ABC Nanny, Thayer Overturf, is the 2008 Nanny of the Year. Thayer is an excellent nanny with years of experience dating back to 1999 and has been working with her current family through ABC for over three and a half years now. In addition to being an outstanding nanny and caretaker, Thayer is also a certified elementary school teacher with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from CU Boulder. Lauren Arnold and Martin McCarter, her employers, submitted her nomination, and we have highlighted just a small bit of the wonderful things they have shared with us. “Thayer is the heart, soul, and glue of our family and is an unequivocal third parent to our kids. She is a teacher, a nanny, a mother, a friend, and an indispensible part of our lives. What we love most about Thayer is her desire to support us, not replace us, in raising our children. She creates ways for all of us to bond, even when we are not all together during the day. In summary, Thayer is without a question a Nanny Extraordinaire!” Congratulations to Thayer for so gracefully representing professional nannies everywhere!


2008 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR NOMINEES: Shay Galloway, Gilde Bustamante, Cristina McCarty, Jill Gardiner, Kristen Pingatore-Tschanz, Paulette Rouse, Maureen Cline, Sarah Ellinger, Amanda Larson, Lauren Agostinelli, Randi Withrow, Sarah Sheraden, Irene Cox.

2007 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR: Marina Afework:

ABC President, Ginger Swift, pictured with 2007 N.O.T.Y. Marina at our Summer Nanny Picnic.
The 2007 ABC Nanny of the Year is the always kind, extremely professional, and ever dedicated Marina Afework. With over 20 years of nanny experience under her belt, Marina has cared for children of all ages and abilities. She was nominated by her current employers of three years who say she’s a “marvel with all three” of their children! In their nomination, they had nothing but positive things to say about Marina and here’s just a sampling about why they love her: “How do you describe a person that, by any measure, would put Mary Poppins to shame? If I could draw what Marina means to us, she would be equal parts Ms. Poppins, Wonder Woman, Julia Child, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Princess Leia! And the truly amazing thing is…this is no wild exaggeration.” The children go on to say that Marina is their best friend and that they love her so much! Marina is an exceptional person and well deserving of this recognition!

2007 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR NOMINEES: Allie Sutton, Kerry Duvelow, Mary Justice, and Maria Valle de Rodriguez

2006 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR: Molly Starszak:

Pictured from left, 2004 N.O.T.Y. Georgeanna Woolard, ABC Nannies President, Ginger Swift, 2005 N.O.T.Y. Christy Ochs and 2006 N.O.T.Y. Molly Starszak (also featured on this page) at the ABC Nannies Holiday Party

We're so proud of all award winning  ABC Nannies of the Year!

With over 10 years of direct nanny experience and impeccable references, Molly was an obvious choice for ABC Nanny of the Year! Placed by ABC Nannies in 2005 with a great local family, we were so pleased to hear how great Molly was at every aspect of her nanny position. Although their compliments were endless, here is a sampling of why they love their nanny so much: “Quite simply, Molly is the person who we hoped and prayed would come walking through the door when we were looking for a nanny. She is kind, loving, patient and trustworthy. She has a very strong commitment to her work and is always there when we need her. She is so willing to adapt to our changing needs it amazes me. We are indebted to Molly and it is hard to find words to express it. She comes everyday to our home with such a cheerful and professional attitude and is a genuine credit to her profession.” We agree and are so pleased to have her represent our agency as 2006 ABC N.O.T.Y.!

2006 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR NOMINEES: Marina Afework and Nancy Clark

2005 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR: Christy Ochs

2005 N.O.T.Y. Chirsty and one of her three charges.

Placed three times by ABC Nannies, we were so pleased to honor Christy Ochs as our 2006 Nanny of the Year! Christy has been in childcare for 19 years but has been a professional nanny for over 9 years. She participates in national nanny conferences, runs a local nanny support group, contributes to the ABC Nanny Newsletter and organizes many nanny events and play groups. Her present family, whom she has cared for and grown with for almost six years, couldn’t say enough great things about her. They said that “Christy is one of the most kind, loving and considerate people we’ve ever known. She is responsible, creative and an excellent communicator. She is a true professional. Christy is more than a nanny—she is a dear and special part of our family. She is our ‘Nana’. She is the key to our life balance and the source of our family happiness and joy…Christy if the epitome of a role model nanny. We all love her so very much!” Christy was a clear choice for this honor, and we are also pleased to announce that she went on to win the International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year in 2007! Congratulations Christy!

2005 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR NOMINEES: Lupe Stoughton, Debra Dorris, Crickett Davis, Molly Starszak, Allie Sutton, Nancy Clark, Claire Boehm, Robin Charlson, Janet Roberts, and Kim Donovan.

2004 NANNY OF THE YEAR: Georgeanna Woolard

Nominee Tiffany celebrates the holidays with friend and 2004 N.O.T.Y. Georgeanna (also fetured on our Super Nannies page)
Our first ABC Nanny of the Year, Georgeanna Woolard, has a natural talent for caretaking. Georgeanna has been nannying for three amazing children in Denver for since 2001! On top of being an amazing full time nanny, she is a also a loving wife and mother, a volunteer at the zoo, a contributor to the ABC Nannies Newsletter and an active member of a local nanny organization. Her employers spoke very highly of Georgeanna saying she “adores children and has absolutely become a cherished member of our family. Georgeanna is a creative genius and has allowed my two girls to express themselves with art. These activities have shown my children how to express themselves, take care of their home and be proud of themselves and their talents. She is very adaptable; in fact, her flexibility has truly allowed me to stay at my job and advance. It is only through my partnership with her that I have been able to ‘have it all’ and for that we are so grateful.” Keep up the great work, Georgeanna!

2004 ABC NANNY OF THE YEAR NOMINEES: Andrea Cox, Tiffany Crounse, Jessica Ross, Rachel Gourdin, Janet Roberts, Amber Sanders and Jan Wilczynski.


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