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Professional Representation, Advocacy and Support

Finding a new job can be daunting. Sifting through listings and meeting families who aren’t a match is exhausting. Finding the right fit is tough…that’s where we come in.

At ABC, your career aspirations take center stage. Our proven placement process – refined over 30 years – is designed to streamline your job search, reduce your workload, minimize your stress and increase your success.  We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and ambitions, hand-pick the top positions for you to consider, support you through the interview process, and skillfully guide you through accepting a new position through ABC. And, we’ll be there to help any time you need us after you’ve found your dream job.

Being part of ABC is so much more than a post on a job board – it’s representation, advocacy and long-term career support. Your dream job is out there and we’ll find it for you!


Why Nannies & Household Staff Choose ABC

Professional Representation and Personalized Service


We genuinely care

We’re proud the majority of our candidates are referred to us by fellow industry colleagues, or are coming back to ABC for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th+ placement! Why? Because we listen, we care, and provide expert support to the professionals we work with. We know this is your career and want to set you up for success for years to come!

Exclusive job opportunities

Find Your perfect Fit

After 30+ years in business, we simply have a bigger reach: more clients means more opportunities to find the perfect fit. At ABC we are established enough to attract a range of positions from full-time nanny roles, to part-time household management jobs, and everything in between.

Competitive pay & benefits

you've earned it

You are a professional and what you do is valuable – we agree and so do our clients. Your total compensation should reflect the dedication and professionalism you bring to your career. ABC positions offer market-leading pay, guaranteed hours, and additional benefits with all of ABC’s longterm positions.

How our process works

Simplifying Your Job Search

We are a professional staffing agency representing the best nannies and household staff in Colorado. While having prior in-home experience is important to us, and to our clients, it’s not all about how many years you have under your belt. Our most successful candidates are those who are not only experienced, but also have a positive attitude, a professional polish, strong communication skills, and a passion for helping others. Only those who are truly passionate about what they do are asked to join our team.


Candidate Application

Share your professional experience and career goals. 


Prescreen & Interview

Let’s chat more about your needs, skills, and aspirations. 


References & Social Checks

Validating qualifications and cultural alignment for fit. 


Learn about exclusive jobs

Discover fulfilling positions that align with your goals.


Interview with families

Meet with a handful of vetted, prospective employers. 


Choose your dream family

From interview to offer, we’ll guide you through the process.


background check

 Background check is run and provided to your employer.  


Interview with families

Meet with a handful of vetted, prospective employers. 


Choose your IDEAL Job

From interview to offer, we’ll guide you through the process.

Finding the ideal job will take effort and time on your part (typically 2-4+ weeks), but our team makes the process of finding the right job – your perfect fit – MUCH easier.


Candidate requirements

Let's Get Your Job Search Started

We welcome all candidates who meet the following criteria to apply:

If you do not meet our candidate qualifications yet, we encourage you to continue building your resume and apply with us in the future!

Meet Our Exceptional Team

Expertise, Care and Professionalism

Year after year, more nannies, family and personal assistants, and household professionals choose to be represented by ABC than any other Colorado placement agency – a fact we’re extremely proud of. 

Yes, we have great jobs, but we also have a great team! At ABC, our goals are aligned: we are committed to your long-term success. Our consultants – comprised of former nannies, family assistants and household employers – will approach your job search with the expertise, care and professionalism you deserve. We provide personalized attention and match you with exclusive job opportunities tailored to your unique skills and aspirations.

Post placement, we’ll provide ongoing support, guidance, and resources to help you navigate your career with confidence. Join us at ABC. Our team will take great care of you.



Discover Exceptional Childcare & Household Positions for ABC Candidates
Impact the lives of growing families: explore ABC’s exclusive newborn, infant care and postpartum job opportunities today.
Discover rewarding short-term nanny roles, from 2-6+ months, both full-time and part-time; jobs that are as diverse as they are fulfilling.
Gain exclusive access to our long-term (1+ year) childcare positions, highly sought-after jobs that will elevate your professional career.
Check out specialized roles delivering tailored care and support to children of all ages and abilities. It’s time to love your job!
Love being a teacher but looking for more one-on-one with students? Check out our in-home teaching jobs with Colorado families.

Check out ABC’s exciting job opportunities and elevate your professional career with our PA and household staffing positions.

The abc Nannies' network

Connect, Grow and Thrive as Part of Our Community

Since the beginning, ABC has been committed to supporting Colorado families, children and our local nanny and in-home professionals community – one great event at a time.

Over the years, we’ve hosted and sponsored dozens of events for our community, and volunteered our time and resources to local family-focused charities. From Colorado’s interNational Nanny Training Day to Love & Logic trainings to supporting the Children’s Hospital – we love to give back. Additionally, we host several highly anticipated events annually, including our Nanny and In-Home Professionals Appreciation Party, ABC’s Nanny of the Year, our Summer Picnic and Back-to-School Supply Drive for students in need.

Whether we placed you in your dream job, you’re a professional growing with a family you found on your own, or if you’re new to Colorado, you are welcome to join us! Follow us and drop your contact information in the footer below to connect, grow and thrive as part of our amazing community.

Ready to find your dream job?

Let’s find your dream job! Simply fill out our online Candidate Application. Upon receipt, a member of our team will contact you to learn more about you and your dream job!

As an ABC candidate you’ll have access to the top  positions in Colorado; jobs offering guaranteed hours, competitive, legal pay and the industry leading benefits professional candidates are seeking. We’re so much more than a job board. Let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Professional experience is experience outside of your own home/family that can be verified with references from your current/previous employer. Professional experience can paid or unpaid, full or part-time, consistent or as-needed,  but it’s imperative that we can contact someone (who you’re not related to) for a reference. As in all professions, the more in-home experience you have, especially in the last 10 years, the more likely you are to attract the attention of great families! 

The experience for every candidate is different. The truth is that it really depends on your experience, your search requirements, your location, the current job market and more. Some candidates find a new job in a week or two, others may have to go on several jobs before they find the ideal family to work for. The good news: we’re here to help, and the sooner you find your dream job the better for us all!

It’s true: this is a free service for all household professionals. We do NOT take cut of your pay – ever. ABC operates similarly to a traditional staffing company. We are paid when our client (the family) hires an employee (that’s you) through our agency. The fee is separate from your wage and will not impact your compensation. So good news: our service is actually free to you, no tricks, no gimmicks, just free. 

Even after nearly 30 years, the majority of our clients still come through word of mouth referral or we’ve had the fortune of placing great ABC candidates with them previously. Like our candidates, we want to know as much about our clients – their needs, their requirements, their history. Our clients are pre-screened over the phone, submit a detailed family application, and meet with one of our consultants for an in-depth consultation to asses their needs and requirements. Not every family is a good fit for ABC, and likewise. Those that are, however, are some of the best in the market! 

The IRS has ruled – with very few exceptions – that nannies, family assistants, housekeepers, and other household professionals are employees of the family they work for NOT independent contractors. It’s that simple, and it’s the law. So, whether you’re working part-time or full-time, as a nanny or family assistant, or find a job through ABC or through a friendly referral, if you are paid $2,600 or more (2023) the law applies.

Being paid in cash, or “under the table” is illegal and can come with steep penalties and fines for all parties involved. Being paid “on the books” ensures you have access to all of the benefits of being an employee including: verifiable income, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation coverage and FAMLI benefits and more. Want to know more? We have great resources to help! 

Nope! While we’d like your dream job to be with an ABC family, we understand it’s not always possible. Instead, what we ask is that you’re honest with us about what you need and if/when you are interviewing for other jobs so our clients can respond accordingly. We are here to help you, and want you to land the perfect job…through our agency (we hope!) or on your own. 

Together, the team at ABC is changing lives for the better – that’s our mission. Are you looking to do the same? Do you have long-term experience as a household employee or demonstrated success in the recruiting and staffing industries? Are you hard working and have a heart for serving others? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

ABC is growing rapidly. While we are not currently hiring, we are dedicated to finding passionate, talented people to support our growth – people whose mission and core values closely align with our own.

If you are interested in being considered for future opportunities to join our in-house ABC team, kindly submit your resume and a cover letter outlining what type of role you’d be interested in to hello@abcnnannies.com.

Upon receipt, we’ll take a look! If we believe you’d be a great match for our company culture, our clients and our candidates we will reach out. Thank you!