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Private Educators

Education on your terms


Private Educators

Education Designed To Fit Your Needs

Many parents hope for a richer educational journey for their children, one beyond the confines of conventional schooling. Yet, the prospect of homeschooling seems overwhelming to many, especially amidst busy schedules and demanding careers.

For families seeking a customized, comprehensive education for their student (or students), hiring a Private Educator is an smart choice. ABC’s Private Educators will work closely with you to create an enriching, flexible and personalized learning experience for your student (or students). 

From pre-school through high school, our educators will adapt their teaching methods to fit your student’s unique learning style, pace, and interests. They provide one-on-one (or small group) instruction incorporating hands-on, real-world experiences to foster a love of learning beyond the textbook. And an added bonus, your student’s learning goes with them wherever they go – from a science field trip into the mountains to a month-long trip abroad with the family – the learning never ends. It’s education at it’s best, and it’s on your terms. 

Why Families Choose ABC?

Less Hassle, Less Time, Superior Results

Our team of highly skilled, knowledgeable recruiters and market experts will work side-by-side with you to find the perfect educator for your child/children. You can rely on us to handle the tedious and time-consuming task of screening and shortlisting candidates, so you don’t have to. Upon reviewing the candidate’s professional resume and references, our team will help prepare you for the interview process. And once you’ve met the ideal educator, we’ll guide you through the hiring process and beyond.

Our process – refined and simplified over the last 30 years in the marketplace – results in long-lasting placements for hundreds of families each year. Our goal is to find you and your students the ideal Private Educator the first time – someone patient and passionate, engaging and fun, organized and ready to help your students reach their full potential.


Personalized Learning

Your Family - Your Choice

While every family’s preferences are unique, certain homeschooling approaches have become very popular. For some families, the Montessori or Waldorf approach that works best, while others are drawn towards the child-lead method of Unschooling and Multiple Intelligences. Our Private Educator will teach the curriculum you’ve chosen – the curriculum that fits your family values and your student’s needs best.  

Whether you prefer a contemporary spin on classical education or you want to create something that’s all your own – you are in charge. You determine what works best and we’ll find the Private Educator that fits the bill! 

Our Educators

Personalized Learning at It's Best

Our Private Educators’ personalities and resumes are as diverse as those they teach: some are seasoned classroom teachers while others are experienced tutors, but all boast a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Education and a passion for teaching children outside the conventional classroom setting. 

When hiring a private educator to act as your partner, it’s important to consider their background qualifications, professional experience, and understanding of the specific challenges your student(s) face. For example, are you looking for an educator to provide instruction and support for a child with diverse learning needs? We’ll find for top-notch candidates with expertise in special education strategies, behavior management techniques, and individualized teaching methods to help them succeed, no matter how they learn. 

Trust ABC to find the perfect educator to support your family and reignite your child/children’s love for learning. 

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Trust us to find the perfect teacher who will support your family and reignite your child’s love for learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If, when and how to homeschool your student/students are BIG decisions – we understand. If you’re just starting your journey, we’d encourage you to check out the resources provided by the Colorado Department of Education. There you can easily learn more about Colorado Home School Law, tips for getting started, and resources on curriculum, testing, and more to guide your Private Educator. Many families also choose to enroll in a home school association such as The National Homeschool Association, which provide invaluable resources for planning your school transitions.

And remember, you’re not alone in ensuring this venture is successful. Our team of trained consultants will find the perfect Educator for your family – your partner in elevating your child/children’s learning experience.

We’ll utilize every possible recruiting avenue to find you the right person, however our Private Educators are often part of our existing network, and like most, find us through a referral from other placed candidates (or even clients), are coming back to us for a second or third placement, or they’ve heard about our Private Educator program through one of the local universities. Many teachers love teaching children, but the traditional education system simply isn’t a fit. Working as an ABC Private Educator is a coveted role. 

Our success over the past three decades is rooted in a strategic approach to recruiting e educators, private tutors, and teachers. While we utilize every possible recruitment tool in our tool belt, an impressive 50+% of our placements each year are returning candidates (on their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th+ placement with ABC) or come to ABC through word-of-mouth referral.

Thanks to the deep connections we’ve developed in our community over the last 3 decades, we’re able to attract and handpick the best available candidates in the market – Private Educators who not only have the educational background needed for success, but who are also committed to providing top-tier support and care to our clients.

In our professional opinion, it’s best to start your search for a Private Educator 6-8+ weeks in advance, if possible. But not to worry – if you’re short on time, we can help you too! Trust the skilled team at ABC to find the perfect teacher for your family within your time frame. 

While we don’t dictate how many hours, the state you’re located in may. The Colorado Department of Education states “home school programs must have no less than 172 days of instruction, averaging 4 contact hours per day” or more. Most ABC families hire a full-time Private Educator who works a minimum of 25 hours and a maximum of 40 hours per week, but the choice is yours.

Important question: rates vary based on the needs of your family, your specific job requirements, and the level of education, experience and expertise required for the position. While there are a lot of variables to consider, most Private Educators are making $35-$55+/hour (gross). 

Hourly rates tend to be a few dollars an hour less in the Fort Collins / NOCO metro area, and in/around Colorado Springs. Alternatively, candidates in Boulder and the mountain areas typically make a few dollars an hour more. 

Our consultants are happy to assist you with establishing an appropriate pay range for your position. 

With few exceptions, the IRS considers most Private Educators, full or part-time, household employees (not independent contractors). When you hire a Private Educator, you’ll be their employer and responsible for paying your new employee, withhold taxes, paying employer taxes and more. 

But not to worry – it’s not as daunting as it sounds. We’re happy to refer you to several reputable, affordable tax and payroll companies who will make compliance a breeze.