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Over the years we’ve worked with families of all shapes and sizes, in towns throughout the Front Range and high mountain areas, with unique needs and schedules. But, one thing our clients all have in common: they’re seeking the guidance of a professional agency with proven results.

Year after year, more families choose ABC than any other agency because they understand 30+ years of experience in this market translates to better candidates, fewer problems, faster service, and long-term success.

So, no matter what stage of life you are in, we’ll be right there to provide you the high-quality in-home support you need. Full-time. Part-time. Anytime.  

ABC's Nanny & Household Staffing Services

Trusted Infant and Postpartum Care

Postpartum is a time filled with excitement, laughter and love…and let’s be honest, exhaustion too. But we’re here to help you and your family adjust. Whether you need a night nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Doula or sleep trainer, we have the experts you’re looking for. 

Reliable, Flexible Childcare Options

Are you looking for a short-term (2-6 months) or part-time nanny (20-25+ hours), a handful of reliable babysitters, or hotel, event or church childcare? If so, we have the reliable, pre-screened, high-quality childcare providers you’ve been looking for. 

Consistent Care - Lasting Impact

From an experienced live-in or live-out nanny to care for your little ones, to a nanny share or nanny for a child with special needs, to a proactive family assistant who’ll manage the day-to-day operations, we’ll work closely with you to find the ideal person for your family for 1+ year or more. 

Education On Your Terms

Education isn’t one-size-fits-all. Every child learns differently and has unique needs. Our trained, experienced educators will work closely with you to customize a learning approach to fit your child/children’s unique needs and goals – it’s personalized learning at it’s best.

Professional Care for Your Home

For busy families, hiring a household professional is a game-changer. From an experienced housekeeper, to an organized personal assistant, to an estate or household manager, or even a personal chef, we will find you the help you need. Leave the chores to us. 

ABC's Proven Placement Process

Hiring the ideal nanny or household employee independently can be an arduous task. Our agency streamlines this process by leveraging our expertise in recruiting, screening, and selecting top-tier candidates for your family. We present you with a curated selection, allowing you to effortlessly interview and select the ideal fit while we guide you through the hiring journey.

Step One


To start the process, simply submit the ABC Family Application. Upon receipt, a member of our experienced placement team will contact you to learn more about your family’s unique needs.

Step Two


We will conduct an ind-depth consultation to assess your needs and answer any questions you have about becoming an employer. Then, we’ll begin recruiting and screening candidates for you. 

Step Three


Based on your criteria, our team will hand-pick the best candidates for your family to meet. You’ll receive their professional resumes and references. Simply schedule interviews with your top choices. 

Step Four


Once you’ve met the ideal employee, we’ll help you craft a competitive offer, run the candidate’s final checks, and provide resources for taxes, payroll, Worker’s Comp, and more. 

ABC's Comprehensive Screening Process

Committed to Recruiting Excellence

Good is not good enough when it comes to the person who works in your home. We wholeheartedly agree. Every potential candidate who applies with our agency is thoroughly evaluated and carefully vetted.

Our rigorous applicant screening process, refined over three decades, is designed to identify individuals who have the passion, character, and experience needed to do the job well and weed out the rest. Less than 10% of applicants make the cut.

Applicants trying to bury a bad reference, hide a spotty work history, or conceal an unsatisfactory background check are eliminated. Instead, they choose a path of less resistance: online job boards, neighborhood networking groups, and peer referrals.

Only the best candidates are invited to join the ABC roster.


Candidate Application

Our team reviews each candidate application to verify work history/experience, areas of expertise and unique qualifications.


Initial Phone Screen

We invite applicants who meet or exceed our minimum criteria to chat with our placement team about their job search and dream job.


Professional Interview

Stand-out applicants are invited to interview with our team. We'll delve into their professional aspirations, job criteria, and compatibility with ABC.


Social Media and Internet Screen

Applicant's online content will be throughly reviewed. We’re seeking candidates who are aligned with our core values, online and off-line.


Professional Reference Checks

Applicants must provide contact information for previous employers. We verify employment details and assess the applicant’s overall abilities.


Character Reference Checks

We contact those who know the applicant best to get a full picture of their personality, values and overall character.


Overall Candidate Assessment

After Steps 1-6 are successfully completed our experienced team will assess everything - soup to nuts - to determine if they are a strong candidate for our clients.



Once an offer has been verbally accepted, our candidates undergo an comprehensive background check in compliance with all applicable laws.


Ongoing evaluation

Our engagement doesn't end at placement. We check in 5x within the 1st year to provide support and ensure the ABC candidate is exceeding expectations.

When and how much?

Expert Guidance on Timing and Budgeting

The Search Timeline

Your time is limited – we get it, and our team will work closely to find the ideal person on your timeline. However, if possible, we suggest you start your search 4 weeks to 2+ months in advance (longer for night nannies/NCSs). 

Most ABC families hire their ideal household employee within 2-4+ weeks of launching their search. Sometimes you hire quicker, and sometimes it takes a bit longer, based on the specifics of the position (i.e. location, hours, rate of pay et cetera), candidate availability, and position requirements, but we do our best to work quickly.

The Investment

Honesty and transparency are of utmost importance to us. Thus, our placement fees, guarantees and the benefits of our services are clearly listed for your review. While we’re not the lowest-priced option in the market, our fees are competitive with other well-established, reputable agencies across the nation.

In fact, three decades in we’re proud to say that 50+% of our clients are referred by other happy customers  and/or come back to us for a second, third, fourth placement. Many clients noting our service is “worth every penny.” This isn’t one and done for us, we’re in this with you for the long haul.

Ready to Get Started?

Our team is standing by and ready to find the perfect fit for your family. Fill our quick online Family Application – a member of our team will contact you upon receipt to discuss your needs.

We have several placement packages to cater to the varying needs of our clientele – simply review and choose the package that’s right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Contact our office to speak with our trained consultants who’ll help you determine which type of childcare provider or household employee best fits your family’s unique needs.

Our three decades of success stems from a multi-faceted approach to candidate recruitment. While we leverage every recruiting resource available to us, a remarkable 60+% of our annual placements consist of repeat candidates (on their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th+ placement!) and word-of-mouth referrals from other happy nannies and household staff.

Thirty years of supporting the local nanny community through networking and educational events has allowed us to cultivate a comprehensive, curated candidate pool. By fostering trust and delivering unparalleled service, we’ve become the go-to agency for candidates seeking rewarding long-term nanny+ positions. 

ABSOLUTELY! 100% yes! Vetting and identifying a great babysitter, nanny, family assistant, private educator or household employee is about so much more than checking a few references and running a background check.

Our applicant screening process, refined over the years, is designed to identify individuals who have the passion, character, and experience needed to do this job well and weed out the rest.  Rigorous and uncompromising, less than 10% of all candidates are asked to join the ABC roster.  Lower-quality candidates tend to choose the path of least resistance, such as online job boards, Facebook groups, and referrals. You can learn more about our comprehensive screening process HERE

Our goal is to make the hiring experience as efficient and as seamless as possible for all of our clients. Unlike daycares or housekeeping services that often have substantial waitlists – some upwards of 6-12+ months – hiring through ABC is much quicker.  

While it’s advisable to start your search earlier rather than later, 4-8 weeks lead time is ideal for most positions (specialized positions, such as NCS/night nurses take longer). Starting early allows us ample time to recruit specifically for your position, and ensures you have plenty of time to interview potential matches and make a well-informed decision without feeling rushed. 

But not to worry, if you’re short on time, we can help you too! 

At ABC, our commitment is to provide unparalleled in-home staffing solutions tailored to fit your family’s unique needs. The cost of hiring through our agency varies based on the type of employee you are looking for. During our initial call, we’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs and provide a clear overview of the associated costs. 

As for our placement fees, we believe in transparency. Our fees are competitive with other well-established, reputable agencies across the country and reflect the premium quality of the service provided. You can find more information on all of our placement fees, guarantees and benefits HERE.  

Great question! When you hire a nanny or household employee through ABC, in the eyes of the IRS you’re now a household employer. While there are a few exceptions – including our temporary nannies (who are our employees) and Newborn Care Specialists – your family will be responsible for paying your new employee directly, withholding taxes, paying employer taxes and more.

We know, it sound daunting. But it’s easy …honestly, it is. We work closely with the top payroll and tax companies in the industry who will walk you through every step.