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Updated: 01/25/2022

The ABC’s of Nanny and Household Employee Benefits

Written By: Jami Dennis

Are you looking to hire a nanny, family assistant, personal assistant or another household employee? Do you want to generate more interest in your job and attract the best available candidates? If so, take a good look at the benefits you’re offering as part of your employment package. 

In today’s competitive market, going the extra mile – which doesn’t have to cost a fortune, I promise – truly matters. But where do you start? At ABC, we’re committed to helping you navigate the Colorado marketplace and craft an enticing benefits package for your nanny or household staff.

So, let’s talk about the ABCs of nanny and household employee benefits: what’s required, what’s industry standard, and what perks will make your job stand out above the crowd. 

Benefits You Need to Offer (It’s the Law):

  • Competitive, legal pay
  • Overtime pay 
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid family and medical leave (FAMLI
  • Mileage reimbursement (if your employee drives their own car on the job)

Benefits You Should Offer (Standard in the Market): 

  • Guaranteed weekly hours congruent with the employee’s weekly schedule
  • Paid federal holidays – typically 4-7 days per year
  • Paid time off – typically 2-3+ weeks per year 
  • Annual performance-based pay increases 
  • All expenses paid travel (if your employee travels with you)

Benefits and Perks to Consider (Above and Beyond):

  • Health insurance stipend or reimbursement 
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plan
  • Cell phone reimbursement 
  • Car maintenance reimbursement (if your employee is driving their own car on the job) 
  • Signing and retention bonuses
  • Holiday bonuses and/or additional time off, with pay, around the holidays 
  • Surprise paid days off (e.g: your nanny’s birthday, her work anniversary, or just because they’ve gone above and beyond)
  • Paid memberships to local zoos, museums, or even a health club membership 
  • Stipend or reimbursement for professional training, development, and continuing education. 

In addition to a safe, respectful work environment and competitive, legal pay candidates care about the benefits potential employers (like you!) are offering. Ensure your job stands out above the crowd by crafting an attractive benefits package.

Ideally, the better care you take of your nanny or household employee, the better care they’ll take of you, your loved ones, and your home. Generosity matters, especially when hiring someone to work in your home. If you can swing it, do it. You won’t regret it. 

Disclaimer: Every family and employment situation is different. Moreover, regulations regarding employee benefits may vary between states and localities. The insights provided in this blog offers general guidance and examples of commonly offered benefits for full-time household employees. We strongly advise families to seek advice from legal or HR professionals and to acquaint themselves with the specific laws and regulations relevant to their unique circumstances and location.

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